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Dominanti prekė: GUESS Watch 45mm Smooth silicone strap Blue

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GUESS Watch 45mm Smooth silicone strap Blue

GUESS Watch 45mm Smooth silicone strap Blue
  • Gamintojas: GUESS
  • Prekės kodas: GUESS Watch 45mm Smooth silicone strap Blue
  • Sandėlyje: Turime
  • Garantija
    24 mėn.
  • Geriausios
    kainos garantija

Kaina be PVM: 164.46€
Introducing the new fashion smartwatch. With the cutting-edge GUESS Connect, you don't have to sacrifice style to get all the latest tech features. Compatible with both iOS and Android, this advanced timepiece takes wearable technology to a fashion-focused level--it's the one you've been waiting for. Define your time with Guess Connect: a fashion chic smart watch designed for men and women! * Call and Voice Command - Answer or place calls, ask directions, send a text or activate any voice command, right from your SmartWatch * SmartWatch Notifications - Receive notifications anytime, anywhere - including: caller ID, texts, emails, calendar reminders & social media alerts through your SmartWatch. Set a custom vibration, light flash and scrolling readout for each notification. Tap the glass & your notification appears * SmartWatch Camera Control - Get into the group selfie and take pictures by triggering your phone's camera with the remote shutter on your smartwatch